Charts and Infographics

Engaging, functional, elegant, interactive data visualizations

Flexible and interactive

Clearly communicate information in an accessible & inspiring way

Interactive Data Dashboards

Present comprehensive and in-depth information on a topic

Data Visualization

Any type of data can be transformed into a beautifully informative data visualization. These can be used to clearly communicate information in an accessible and understandable way. Charts and infographics can be animated to show changes over time and to present complex data in a structured and digestible format. Users can interact with the data and focus on specific factors or cases in detail.

Data dashboards can be used to present a series of visualizations in one place. They can combine multiple perspectives on a single topic, allowing users to explore the data and follow their own leads. Each chart can also be combined with audio descriptions, videos and links to further information, so that people can fully appreciate the story behind the data and satisfy their own curiosity. Dashboards are perfect for presenting a comprehensive overview of any subject, and can either take people on linear journey through your findings, or allow them to make their own intepretations.

Data Visualization – Health Data Dashboard

Data visualization – Image gallery

Who uses Informat10n?

Researchers, analysts & decision-makers

Our apps can be used to explore information on every topic imaginable. They allow people to make sense of any type of data in relation to other factors, at a regional, global or universal level. Our apps can provide unique anlaysis and insights, presented in a concise, easy to understand and elegant way. They also give researchers and analysts an effective way to communicate their findings and to disseminate knowledge in a way that is both accessible and inspiring. Decision-makers can have access to clear and up-to-date evidence, which can help them to interpret trends, understand reality, and make well-informed decisions.

Teachers, lectureres and educational institutions

Teachers and lecturers can use our applications as part of their lessons, either by presenting information on a big screen, or by guiding students as they explore the interactive apps themselves. They can be used to prepare lesson plans and additional learning resources, or as a basis for curriculum design. Ourinteractive software can have a huge impact on learning and motivation, thanks to its user-friendly and accessible design.

Citizen scientists & curious individuals

Our apps are designed to communicate complex information in a user-friendly and accessible way. This makes it suitable for almost anyone, regardless of academic experience or expertise. In fact, one of the main reasons we exist is because we want to bring complex topics to a wider audience. We want every experience to be afun and efficient way to further one’s own understanding or to conduct research, whether it’s for work, study or simply out of personal curiosity.

Content Creators

It is easy to take screenshots and to record video whilst exploring our interactive apps. We do our best to communicate informatio in a clear and elegant way, which means there is little or no need for editing. Any screenshots and videos taken from our public projects can be shared under a Creative Commons “Attribution-No Derivatives” license. These can then be used for any (non-cmmercial) purpose, so long as you credit Informat1on and don’t edit the original content. If you have commissioned us to create something unique to you, then you own that content and you can use it in any way you wish.& presentation images

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