Representation UK

“Representation UK” is an interactive and downloadable application exploring the system of political representation in the United Kingdom. This cutting-edge piece of software allows users to immerse themselves in a complex topic and to quickly develop their understanding of it. It provides a tool for people who are active in politics as well as a source of understanding for anyone who wants to get to know the people who represent them, how they are elected and the decisions they make.

This interactive applciation will present the audience with an engaging 3D virtual map of the UK, which can be freely explored on any PC or Mac. Information about democratic consitituencies, elected MPs, voting reults and social statistics are presented in a way that is easy to understand and fun to explore. It provides an objective view of the current political landscape, as well as a look into recent history and political trends of the future.

You can view a full list of data sources that are included in this application here: Representation UK Sources

Walk around a 3d map of the UK

Explore interactive data visualizations

Access the latest social and political information

Who is it for?

This piece of software allows users to immerse themselves in a complex topic and to quickly develop their understanding of it. It is a powerful tool which provides a rich source of information and an engaging medium for communicating evidence, ideas and insights.

  • For researchers, analysts & decision-makers: It can be used to quickly find information about global and regional economics. It allows people to make sense of this data in relation to other social, cutural and political factors. All the information included in this app is accuratley sourced and cited. It also includes unique anlaysis and insights, presented in a concise, easy to understand and intelligent way. Decision-makers have access to up-to-date and useful evidence, which can help them to interpret trends and make well-informed decisions.
  • For teachers, lectureres and educational institutions: Teachers and lecturers can use this application aas part of their lessons, either by presenting information on a big screen, or by guiding students as they explore the interactive app themselves. It can be used to prepare lesson plans and additional learning resources, or as a basis for curriculum design. It can have a hug impact on learning and motivation, thanks to its user-friendly and accessible design.
  • For citizen scientists & curious individuals: It is designed to communicate commplex information in a user-friendly and accessible way. This makes it suitable for almost anyone, regardless of academic experience or expertise. It is a fun and efficient way to further one’s own understanding or to conduct research, whether it’s for work, study or simply out of personal curiosity. 
  • For Content Creators: It is easy to take screenshots and to record video whilst exploring the interactive app. Any screenshots and videos taken from the application will be shareable under a Creative Commons “Attribution-No Derivatives” license, meaning that people who have purchased the app are able to use these for any purpose, so long as you credit Informat1on and don’t edit the original content.

How and where can I get it?

Representation UK was released as a beta (development) version in January 2019. It is currently available upon request and has been shared with a select group of organizations.

You can view a video tour on Vimeo here:

You will require a password to access the video. Please send us a message at and we will happily share this with you.

You can also download the application and explore it interactively on your own PC or Mac, but we are currently restricting full access to this as it is in development. We are seeking partnerships with organisations who value evidence, education and access to information, and who can help us to fully realise the potential of interactive information resources such as this.

We are also offering live demonstrations in the UK. We can either visit your office or arrange a live video call. This is offered without obligation, and we would simply like to show you our work, get your feedback and answer any questions you may have.

Future Public Release

We aim to make our applications accessible to as many people as possible. This means we develop them so that they can run on a wide range of computers and devices. It also means that we make them affordable.

  • Individuals will be able to download the application and accompanying resources for a one-off payment.
  • Organisations will be able to purchase a multi-user licence, which allows them to use the application within teams, departments or for public display.

Contact Informat10n

Interactive visualizations are the best way to inspire, inform and engage audiences. Our design & development services are bespoke. Every application we make is tailored to your data and whatever you want to communicate. Once we know what evidence or narratice you want to present, then we can decide on the best approach.

Contact us to find out how an interactive data visualizations can help you to influence people, change minds and inspire action. You can use the contact form or send us a direct email to Leave your phone number if you would like us to call you back.

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